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Dogs in Murcia


Equalia has investigated a case of shocking animal abuse in a 'farm of horrors' in Murcia.


We found a land plot with dogs in terrible conditions, living among dirt, mud and decomposing animal remains.

Some of them didn’t have access to drinking water and were eating the remains of a decomposing dog.

We even documented a dog which had been locked in a bird cage for an undetermined amount of time. 

We tracked a particular case in which a dog was left agonizing outside for 20 days, even hyperventilating, at temperatures close to 48ºC.

We made it!
In collaboration with several other NGOs we have managed to close the 'farm of horrors' and rescue all the animals that were inside. Don't miss the rescue video!

Vivo, the German Shepherd we found agonizing for 20 days at 48ºC, will never have to go back to that hell. He will spend the rest of his days among the love, care and respect he deserves.

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