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Trabajo en equipo

Work at Equalia

Join the team and help us to make animal welfare an integral part of the sustainability of the food system

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to achieve agreements with companies, institutions and stakeholders that positively impact the greatest possible number of animals. 


Our vision is a world where intensive animal farming and intensive aquaculture make way for food production models that respect animal welfare.

Values of the organization



At Equalia we have an approach based on information sharing and honest communication.

Eficacia y pragmatismo.png

Pragmatic innovation

We use critical thinking and data analysis to develop and implement advanced techniques effectively. We share the values and strategic approach of effective altruism.

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Transversality and teamwork

We are based on internal and external collaboration to create enriching synergies that help us scale results.


Flexibility and adaptability

We adapt to change and act resolutely in the face of the challenges we face.



We promote initiatives to ensure healthy and equitable working conditions for our team.

Variety of profiles in our team

Having inclusivity as a starting point and being aware of how enriching it can be, our team is made up of people of different ages, nationalities and professional and academic backgrounds. 

Regarding the hiring process, Equalia is committed to free and inclusive access to all job offers. All applicants will receive equal consideration for the different positions. Thus, we create a diverse workforce and organization, where ethnicity, color, social class, sex, gender, sexual orientation, type of diet, special abilities, marital status and religion do not play a relevant role in the hiring process.


Benefits of working in Equalia

  • Our working time accounts for 37.5 hours per week. 

  • Our working hours are flexible.

  • In addition to having the regulated right to sick leave, at Equalia, we extended this right in case you have a person or pet under your care and supervision that requires special attention.

  • In case of menstrual cramps, you can take a few hours off or the whole day if you need it.

  • On a full-time contract, you have 30 calendar days (23 working days) of vacation leave. If during the course of the year you didn't use all of them, don't worry, you will be able to take them next year.

  • We constantly create internal policies that ensure the improvement of working conditions, your performance and your well-being.


Hiring process

The hiring process is divided into four stages:


  • Online application with your CV: we want to learn about your previous experience and skills.

  • In a second stage you will be asked to submit a cover letter in English (if you are not a native Spanish speaker, then the cover letter will have to be in Spanish) explain briefly what motivates you to work in an organization like Equalia, how you identify with our values and how you want to help us achieve our vision.

  • Technical interview: In this space we will talk about your academic background, professional experience and skills.

  • Case study: In this space, you will meet with the people who lead the area of the position you are applying to, in order to develop your ideas based on a specific case or situation.


In the case of certain positions, an additional case study or activity will be added to measure the level of suitability of candidates

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