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A non-profit working in a startup environment?: Yes!

In Equalia we work in an effective and innovative way, helping to leave behind, in an incremental way, the industrial model of animal production. We operate within the environment of effective altruism, receiving funding through rounds of philanthropic donations.

Excessive dependence on intensive animal farming and aquaculture generates an enormous amount of suffering for animals, but also an unsustainable food system for people and the planet.

We work with the main business, institutional and civil stakeholders, generating better standards of animal welfare, in accordance with international sustainability frameworks.

What can I expect if I am part of Equalia?

In Equalia you will find the opportunity to develop your professional career in a constantly evolving work environment, together with colleagues who will support you from day one. Our activity is part of the Social Intervention Agreement. We offer all the labor guarantees of this agreement, as well as other incentives that aim to improve it, and equitable, healthy and non-discriminatory working conditions. Our entire team works remotely from home with flexible working hours.

Trabajando desde casa

Our values



Both to work with players with whom there are conflicts of interest as well as to work with related projects.

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Efficiency and pragmatism

We aspire to make use of advanced business techniques to generate deep social change.

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We need each other to achieve results.



We operate in a non-profit environment with a startup philosophy.



In the era of interconnected global problems, tunnel vision is a bad travel companion.



Results-oriented? Yes, being the most important goal is the feeling of wanting to start working because you know you are in the right place.

Help us to build a food system that takes into account people, animals and the planet!

Job offers

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