Trabajo en equipo

Work at Equalia

A non-profit working in a startup environment? Yes!

Digital Marketing Manager

Develop, lead and implement strong and innovative digital marketing strategies for

lead generation, growth and funding diversification, using multichannel integrated

marketing campaigns and other techniques to drive awareness around the Equalia brand.

Help us create on-brand cross channel content until the hiring of a maker/content specialist.

Remote work (only within Spain).


Equalia is a non-profit organization focused on improving farmed animal welfare. 


Born in 2018 with a startup mindset, Equalia is determined to unite innovation and a 360 degree vision of institutional and corporate outreach to achieve its mission.

Our vision is a world where intensive animal farming and intensive aquaculture makes way to food production models that respect sustainability and animal welfare.


Your purpose at Equalia


In this role, you will be at the center of the food system transformation, in a highly energetic entrepreneurial environment, joining our team in its mission to make farmed animal welfare understood by companies and Governments as an integral part of the European Green Deal, the Farm to Fork Strategy and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


As the Digital Marketing Manager you'll play a key role in the success of our branding and digital fundraising. We're looking for someone highly detail oriented, data-driven and with a can-do mentality. You will play an active role in improving and optimizing all digital marketing initiatives, including  SEO, PPC, social media and CRM strategy. You must be passionate about communications and fundraising, and up to use social media to increase our brand engagement and reach. You are up to help us create cross channel, on-brand content while we seek funding to hire a specialist, after which your role will be focused on planning. You are excited about our mission and to play a part in changing the way sustainability and animal welfare are understood within the food system.


The responsibilities for this role will vary by experience, but are likely to include:


  • Define the digital marketing strategy to drive traffic and reduce acquisition cost.

  • Manage and scale our data base (CRM) to improve efficiency.

  • Define our marketing personas and key communication drivers.

  • Lead, design, execute, optimize and measure the success of integrated marketing campaigns through HubSpot: lead generation, brand awareness and solution adoption. 

  • Understand the member journey and ensure measurability across all digital channels (objective setting, analytical skills, familiarity with digital marketing metrics).

  • Analyze campaign effectiveness, helping develop and delivering monthly KPI results to management.

  • Define, manage and oversee organizing, scheduling, and programming Equalia’s content strategy (latest launches, brand initiatives) and how it lives across our owned and earned social and digital network. Create original branded content until the hiring of a specialist.

  • Innovate and present new marketing platforms and strategies.

  • Stay up to date with trends, cultural moments and social updates, keeping in mind brand appropriateness.





What you bring to Equalia


  • The ability to demonstrate an aptitude for the type of work outlined above, and to learn quickly. It would be an advantage to have demonstrable experience in one or more of the following: data analysis, manage and scale of databases, email marketing, social ads campaigns, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, SEO knowledge, lead nurturing and loyalty strategies through marketing automation.

  • Bachelor or master’s degree in business, digital marketing or communications is desirable.

  • Experience/skills to create and support integrated digital marketing, social media campaigns, and engagement events as well as developing full cycle launch and post launch strategies.

  • Experience/skills in developing and executing innovative content strategy plans and working with coworkers in tailoring on-brand content.

  • Deep interest and knowledge in social media and the newest updates and tools for each platform (IGTV, IG Stories, IG Reels, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, etc.).

  • Proven leadership skills, team builder and talent developer.

  • Great interpersonal skills that allow constructive collaboration across multiple departments and projects.

  • Ability to influence and make things happen.

  • Demonstrated strategic thinking.

  • Excellent communication skills. Advanced spoken and written Spanish is a must.

  • Effective cross functional experience, proactivity and ability to work autonomously in a high demanding environment.

  • Learning agility, adaptability and flexibility.

  • Availability to join immediately.



We also value


  • 0-3 years of experience in start-ups or fast growing environments will be valued, but we value initiative, involvement in the project and the desire to grow with it even more than experience.

  • Previous involvement within effective altruism and/or effective animal welfare.





What you'll find at Equalia


  • Flexible working environment: we work remotely from multiple locations in Spain!

  • A dynamic fast-growing team.

  • One-year full-time temporary contract until the end of the project with the possibility of renewal.

  • Opportunities for continuous training and updating within the scope of the role.

  • Our values:


- Transparency: our entire team has the right to access information about our processes, dynamics and internal policies. Fiscal accountability and impact evaluation reports are publicly accessible through our website.


- Teamwork: our work dynamics are collaborative. We work on a project basis, dividing the leadership in each phase of the project transversally.


- Effectiveness and pragmatism: we are part of the effective farmed animal advocacy movement and we assume the values of effective altruism.


- Innovation: within the environment of animal welfare, we work in coalition with other leading international projects, using results-oriented methodologies.


- Transversality: intensive animal farming and aquaculture are not only a problem for animals. We want to promote an intersectional approach to interconnected global problems and generate synergies between different institutional, business and civil stakeholders.


- Care policy: care, respect, conciliation, equal opportunities and the creation and maintenance of a healthy working environment are the pillars on which our project is based.





How to join the team


Applicants should send an email to with the following information:


  • The subject of the email should clearly indicate the name of the position you’re applying to. Please, include your salary expectations in the email.

  • Cover letter (if you are a native English speaker, the cover letter must be in Spanish): Briefly explain what motivates you to work at Equalia and how you would like to help us achieve our vision. 

  • Updated CV: We want to know about your previous experience and skills.

  • Application deadline: July 7, 2021.

Equalia is committed to inclusive access to job opportunities. All candidates will receive equal consideration for the position in the search for talent to create a diverse workforce. regardless of ethnicity, color, class, gender, sexual orientation, type of diet, special abilities, marital or family status, and religion.