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Invest today in the future

On behalf of the entire team at Equalia, I hope when you read this message that you and your loved ones are well and in good health.


Like me, I imagine you are trying to make sense of all that’s happening. During the first days of this crisis, I began asking myself questions about what might come afterwards. Questions whose answers have made me confront the possiblity of a disheartening future. But there are more possibilities.


The professionals who make up Equalia have spent years working in an area that is especially relevant today: food production through intensive livestock farming. Science has long pointed to the intensification of livestock farming as a factor in the proliferation of new infectious diseases.

"To invest in animal welfare is to invest in the planet and in our health".


This pandemic is in all probability the consequence of a range of incomprehensibly poor practices relating to food safety and wild animals. Furthermore, after the SARS outbreak in 2002, it was hoped that strict preventative measures, never before taken, would be implemented.


However, Asian markets are only part of the problem. For decades, numerous scientific studies have been warning us that that the transmission of pathogens between animals and humans is a consequence of interconnected environmental and socio-economic factors.


Food production through intensive farming is singled out by epidemiological science as one of these factors. Factory farms are hot spots for the generation of new viruses and antibiotic-resistant superbugs. Deforestation caused by the cultivation of livestock feed reduces biodiversity and increases the risk of infectious epidemics. It is here also that it is necessary to take preventative measures. 


And it is there that the current health and econonmic crisis converges with the work of Equalia.


We continue to put all our efforts into making companies and institutions aware of a painfully proven fact: to invest in animal welfare is to invest in the planet and in our health. You can’t cut back on expenses when it comes to protecting our home and our health. 


The type of future that awaits us depends on what we invest (or don’t invest) in today.

Hopefully our work on animal welfare will warrant your support.


David Herrero

President and co-founder

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