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Trabajo en equipo

Work at Equalia

A non-profit working in a startup environment? Yes!

Manager of fish welfare

Your job will be to lead animal welfare advocacy initiatives in aquaculture implementing high impact strategies in alignment with our values

Job location: remote from Spain

Equalia is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the living conditions of animals destined for consumption with the worst animal welfare standards.


Born in 2018 with a start-up philosophy, Equalia is determined to unite innovation and a 360 vision of institutional and corporate outreach to achieve its mission.


Our vision is a world where intensive livestock farming and aquaculture welcome and implement food production models that respect animal welfare.

Your purpose at Equalia


Reporting directly to the executive director, you will work to coordinate the aquaculture team within the organization, currently consisting of a business relations specialist and a fish welfare scientist.


As the manager of the area, your job will be to ensure that the actions taken by the organization are always aimed at meeting our objectives with respect to animal welfare improvements.

Your responsibilities will be:


  • Oversee collaborations with companies in the industry in redirecting towards higher welfare ethical practices in aquaculture.

  • Represent the organization, building relationships and long-term communication with institutional entities and stakeholders with the goal of achieving legislative advances in aquaculture animal welfare. This includes the preparation of narrative material. 

  • Lead the aquaculture animal welfare team to achieve the objectives of the area.

  • Lead, adapt and optimize the campaign strategy with industry companies, institutions and other stakeholders.

  • Promote the implementation of animal welfare standards in Spanish and European aquaculture based on current scientific and technological advances. 

  • Be aware of trends and updates within the animal welfare sector, as well as practices, developments and updates in the aquaculture sector.

  • Actively participate in the search and recruitment processes of personnel related to the area.

  • Work in conjunction with the People & Culture area to ensure the correct professional performance of the people in the area.

  • Collaborate with other organizations to create synergies in the development of best practices.

  • Collaborate with the poultry area to establish efficient and aligned strategies.

  • Attend briefings, industry events and effective altruism events.

  • Participate in management training and other relevant training facilitated by the organization.

  • Collaborate with the communications area for the creation of strategic content.

  • Support in the correct distribution and analysis of the budget implemented in the different initiatives promoted by the area.

  • Promote laws, regulations or recommendations that improve current animal welfare standards in aquaculture.

  • Generate and collect relevant information on the aquaculture sector in Spain and the European Union, its characteristics and progress in relation to animal welfare.


What you will bring to Equalia


  • Minimum 3 years of experience leading teams. 

  • Extensive experience in the aquaculture sector.

  • Experience managing teams with diverse profiles.

  • Previous experience in the animal welfare and environmental sectors.

  • Demonstrated interest in improving the lives of animals.

  • Knowledge related to the areas of corporate social responsibility, public relations, political science or similar.

  • Fluent and advanced level of English (C1).

  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills.

  • Availability to travel.



We also value


  • Previous experience in the field of effective altruism.

  • Experience in startups or rapid-growing environments.



What you'll find at Equalia

  • Flexible work environment: We work from various locations in Spain! 

  • A dynamic team and a startup environment.

  • Full-time permanent contract and a salary of 34000 euros gross per year.

  • A work culture that focuses on high performance without sacrificing group and individual well-being.

  • A work dynamic of mutual support, flexible, persevering, resolute and focused on the impact we constantly generate in society.

  • Our values:


- Transparency: At Equalia we have an approach based on information sharing and honest communication.


- Pragmatic innovation: We use critical thinking and data analysis to develop and implement advanced techniques effectively. We share the values and strategic approach of effective altruism.


- Transversality and teamwork: We are based on internal and external collaboration to create enriching synergies that help us scale results.


- Flexibility and adaptability: We adapt to change and act resolutely in the face of the challenges we face.


- Care: We promote initiatives to ensure healthy and equitable working conditions for our team.



How to join the team


The recruiting process is divided into the following stages:


  • Online application through LinkedIn with updated CV: We want to know your previous experience and skills.

  • Initial call of 15 minutes.

  • Exercise 1: In this space we are looking to learn more about your problem-solving skills, innovation and potential proactivity within the aquaculture area.

  • Video interview.

  • Business case.

    Depending on the job position, an additional stage or exercise may be added to the process.

Equalia is committed to inclusive access to job opportunities. All candidates will receive equal consideration for the position in the search for talent to create a diverse workforce. regardless of ethnicity, color, class, gender, sexual orientation, type of diet, special abilities, marital or family status, and religion.

Equalia has tools for the prevention and treatment of cases of misconduct, showing its rejection and prohibition of this type of actions. We are committed to implementing initiatives to ensure a work environment free of any conduct that could be considered improper.

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