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Spar Supermarkets:

no to caged-hen eggs

The supermarket chain Spar refuses to publicly accept the commitment to only sell eggs from cage-free hens. From Equalia we have launched an investigative report that shows the deplorable conditions in which caged birds live and die in an intensive farm connected to one the suppliers which Spars works with.


Spar is the largest independent supermarket chain in the world, with more than 1,000 shops in Spain. Despite having committed to a cage free policy in England, Denmark, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, and North-East Italy, Spar refuses to apply it in Spain, even though the other large supermarkets have already committed to it in our country. It's time for Spar to show its commitment to animal welfare by stopping selling eggs from hens that spend their entire lives in cages.


Freeing hens from a lifetime of cage ownership is in line with animal science findings and the animal welfare demands of consumers. It is also in accordance with the European Green Pact sustainability framework, the Farm to Fork strategy and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDA).


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The cages do not allow them to show their natural behavior. The hens get stressed, sick and plucked.

Large companies in the retail sector have committed to stop selling eggs from caged hens

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European welfare legislation for food animals stipulates that "an animal's freedom of movement must not be restricted in such a way as to cause unnecessary suffering". It also states that "where an animal is continuously or regularly confined, it must be provided with appropriate space for its psychological and ethological needs, in accordance with accumulated experience and scientific knowledge".

European Convention for the Protection of Animals intended for Consumption

"Eggs produced in systems that demonstrate improved animal welfare have an added value, and are therefore of higher quality”.

María Villaluenga, press officer and spokesperson for Equalia

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