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Contributing companies

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At Equalia we think that weaving relationships with companies generates a global perception of action towards the change we desire: to reduce animal suffering, to promote the defense of our environment and healthier, more plant-based eating habits.

Partner with us

What’s in it for you?

Collaborating with Equalia means betting on a more sustainable relationship with our environment. In addition to promoting a positive corporate image, you will be positioned as a business that can totally identify with the general feeling of the population: we care about people, animals and the environment.

Make a company donation

Your contribution is extremely important to help us push for the improvement of animal welfare at companies and institutions.


Funding a project or part of it

Lend us your services

You may help by lending your services on things like:

  • Advertising space

  • Office material and equipment

  • Assignment or cession of premises

  • Personnel transfer and lodging

  • Graphic and audiovisual productions

  • Legal advice

Solidarity sponsorships

Your company can donate a part of the benefits of specific products or services to Equalia. 

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What do Equalia's contributing companies say?


We are excited to announce the second round of grants from our EAA Fund. The Equalia team incorporates the principles of effective altruism in their work, which gives us additional confidence in their mission alignment.

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We use reporting as a true and honest way to inform population, this is why we support Equalia and their project. Nowaday we need committed people who are willing to show us the truth in this misinformation era.


Equalia's work is transforming our world into a more compassionate, interconnected, kind, and understanding place where our impact directly benefits and uplifts the lives of animals.

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