Mission and Vision


Equalia is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the living conditions of animals destined for consumption with the lowest standards of animal welfare.


Our mission is to achieve agreements with companies, institutions and stakeholders that positively impact the greatest possible number of animals. 


Our vision is a world where intensive animal farming and intensive aquaculture makes way to food production models that respect animal welfare. 

We take an active part in the international effective animal advocacy movement. This field, in turn, is one of the main cause areas of the international effective altruism movement.

The main idea behind effective altruism is that some ways of contributing to the common good are far more effective than others.

This way of understanding our values has led us to focus on the protection of animals intended for human consumption. We believe that achieving better animal welfare standards on industrial farms and slaughterhouses is the most effective way we can put these values into practice.

Photo: Timo Stammberger - Equalia

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Our campaigns are not chosen at random or by personal preference. We are helped by the work of other effective altruism organizations and animal science professionals dedicated to researching the type of intervention that brings the greatest benefit to the largest number of animals for every dollar invested.

Photo: Andrew Skowron - Otwarte Klatki

Impact and Accountability Reports

Transparency is the pillar on which we build our project.

Here you can obtain our 2019 and 2020 impact and accountability reports.