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European Chicken Commitment Initiative

Better Welfare, Better Chicken

We are starting a campaign aimed at raising animal welfare standards within the poultry sector. We are urging producers and businesses in the hospitality and distribution sectors to sign up  to the standards of the European Chicken Committment / ECC.

Pollo broiler

We wish to work together with with the primary interest groups in the poultry sector, distribution and catering, in order to reach realistic agreements that will respond to customers expectations/rising awareness in relation to animal welfare

The genetic selection of broilers has led to a 400% increase in broiler growth rate, achieving market weight in 60% less time than broilers 50 years ago. The amount of breast meat on an individual bird increased by two-thirds. The impact of faster growth and enlarged breast muscle—driven by economic factors—is highlighted by the extensive list of diseases these birds are becoming increasingly predisposed to suffering.

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Bandera de la Unión Europea

The European Chicken Commitment is an agreement stating the minimum requirements for animal welfare which represents an opportunity for the poultry sector to align with the demands of a changing market towards greater sensitivity in the conditions for broiler chicken.

European Chicken Commitment

The measures proposed in the European Chicken Commitment / ECC are based on the reduction of chicken density per square metre, major improvements in air quality, lighting, perches and straw substrates, change from fast-growth to slow-growth chicken, more humane methods of stunning in poultry slaughter houses and compliance with the above through auditing.

«More and more consumers are taking welfare standards into account when choosing chicken».

European Commission


Improving animal welfare standards.
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More and more companies are committed to implement the proposed improvements in the ECC by 2026:

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«Scientific opinions recognize that some welfare problems are essentially connected to genetic factors and others are mainly related to environmental/management factors such as stocking density and litter quality, light and barren environment».

Report from the European Commission to the European Parliament and the Council

«The fast-growing chicken is the new code 3 egg: consumers who demanded an end to code 3 eggs from caged hens now want chickens with a more natural growth rate».

María Villaluenga - Spokesperson for Equalia

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