Claudia Millán. Marine Scientist - Equalia Fish Welfare Specialist

November 03 2021


During the 4th UN Global Conference on Aquaculture for FAO, the Shanghai Declaration was published, which points to a real sustainable development of aquaculture.

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Tse Yip Fai, professional advisor and researcher on animal welfare

April 04 2021

The suffering of farmed aquatic animals is deep and vast, and helping  them will not be an easy task. The meat/fish reduction programs are not an advisable way to help them in China, and it will be more useful to think of ways to reduce the farming of smaller aquatic animals.

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Guillermo Moreno: co-founder and executive director of Equalia. Graduate in Psychology, he accumulates more than 14 years of experience in the Farm Animal Welfare environment.

August 04 2020

The Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW) is the main benchmark for animal welfare policies in food companies. Spanish companies continue to have little presence in it.

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Pandemics, global health and the power of consumer choices

Cynthia Schuck, evolutionary biologist, data analyst, epidemiologist, science editor and animal welfare researcher.

May 30 2020

While large investments are currently being poured into the development of vaccines and treatments to control the damage of the current coronavirus outbreak, these (most needed and welcomed) developments are unlikely to shield us from a future epidemic. We cannot afford not having the same sense of urgency to accelerate the development of modern methods of food production, which include the development of substitutes of animal protein.

May 26 2020

Dr. Peter J. Li., associate professor at University of Houston-Downtown

Not trying to deny the existence of intentional misrepresentation by some journalists, I believe there is a considerable confusion on the part of Western media regarding wet markets in China. Additionally, the perceived pervasiveness of wildlife consumption in China seems to be widely accepted in the West.