Advances in the Mandatory CCTV cameras in all Slaughterhouses


States that "it will facilitate the job for veterinarian inspectors that are permanently inside the slaughterhouses guaranteeing compliance with the new legislation".

4. Carrefour Spain urge their suppliers to install CCTV in every slaughterhouse

After their meeting with equalia, Carrefour Spain will ask all their suppliers to install a CCTV system in every slaughterhouse, following the action protocol developed by the NGO.

5. El Pozo increases the storage time of their recordings

After several conversations with Equalia, the company El Pozo (which already had surveillance cameras in the slaughterhouse), has agreed to store the video recordings for a month, following our action protocol.

6. CCOO supports our initiative of installing CCTV in every slaughterhouse

The syndicate published a release expressing their support and collaboration with our campaign in order to garantee installed CCTV in every meat industry sector, according to our protocol.

7. FACUA requests the Castilla y Leon board to pass the law for the installation of surveillance cameras in slaughterhouses

States that "this regulation is necessary to guarantee that all the established protocols for animal well being are being pursued".

8. Grupo Amaro accepts and implements our action protocol

Grupo Amaro, owner of the slaughter house we reported to the authorities for failing to fulfill the animal welfare regulation and for endangering food safety, has implemented our action protocol.

9. Carnes Barbero accepts and implements our action protocol

Carnes Barbero, the meat company who owns the second slaughterhouse we denounced for breach of animal welfare regulations, has installed surveillance cameras inside the slaughterhouse, following our action protocol. 

2. Influencing institutions in thirteen autonomous communities

At a legislative level, our proposal for video surveillance cameras in slaughterhouses has already gained the support of the main parliamentary groups and we are working in thirteen autonomous communities. So far five non-binding proposals have been voted on.

3. The meat industry has requested through ANICE the implementation of surveillance cameras inside slaughterhouses

1. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs is working on a royal decree project for the installation of video surveillance cameras in slaughterhouses

Esta iniciativa ha sido posible en parte gracias a donaciones de Animal Charity Evaluators, Open Philanthropy Project Fund y Pollination Project.

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